South Texas Barbecue
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South Texas Barbecue

Thanks for visiting South Texas Barbecue.  Please feel free to browse around the site.  South Texas Barbecue has started attending local festivals in the South Texas area.  South Texas Barbecue will be a mobile food vendor for the first few years. Beef brisket, sausage on a stick, pulled pork, drunk chicken, and pork ribs will be served in the near future.  

South Texas Barbecue will be a permanent food vendor at the Rockport Market Days starting July of this year. We wereSausage on a Stick successful selling mesquite smoked sausage on a stick last month for our first Rockport Market Days appearance.  The sausage on a stick were grilled for about 15 minutes over direct heat and then smoked for 30-45 minutes.  Each month we will add another meat to the South Texas Barbecue menu.   

South Texas Barbecue will also be posting pictures and recipes to the site along with useful barbecuing information.  Please feel free to E-Mail South Texas Barbecue with any questions in relation to barbecuing and grilling. Don't forget to Like South Texas Barbecue on Facebook.  This is where all of the updated information will be.  Any and all questions can also be sent on Facebook for immediate respose. 
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